numbers10. 5- I have 5 toes, but i’ve always wanted 4 and I am pissed off

9. 10- The only thing worse than 9 Hitlers in a room is 10.

8. 1- This is just a straight line and it is bullshit.

7. 4- I don’t really have a reason. It just looks kind of stupid.

6. 2- 2 people are used in sex and I have had no sex.

5. 7- I’ve had 7 dreams about vanilla wafers and only one of them ended positively.

4. 3- I watched Season 3 of Friends and it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

3. 6- A couple more 6’s and you got yourself the dark lord

2. 9- 9 is divisible by 3 and is also the number of people that have broken my heart.

1. 8- 8 is the best number on this list because I was born 8 days away from being born on the 14th, my true favorite number.