• Trust Fall– An integral part of being part of a Fraternity is trust. Have the pledges fall into waiting arms of a fraternity brother. Repeat this until every possible combination has done the trust fall.
  • Sporting EventsBuild their confidence by staging a sporting event, such as a football or basketball game between pledges and brothers. Make sure to let the pledges win.
  • Hugging and ComplimentsHave pledges line up shoulder to shoulder. Each fraternity member should then walk up to a pledge and tell him the most sensual part of his body.
  • Fraternity PromAfter gaining their trust, building their confidence, and making them feel wanted, stage a prom for your pledges. Have the brothers ask the pledges they want to the aforementioned prom. Make sure they choose carefully because this will determine who they spend the rest of their life with.
  • Passionate Kissing– Make sure to let the pledges you chose know just how much they mean to you by passionately kissing your prom date for no less than 10 minutes.
  • Eliminating Real BrothersAfter you’ve successfully seduced your pledge brother, you must remind them that they must be completely committed to the fraternity lifestyle. Have them murder any real brothers they may have.
  • Potluck– Finally, have pledges and brothers bring food to a communal meal. Nothing says brotherhood quite like a potluck!




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