1.) Mikrowelle Scheiße: This German band is making waves for bringing back classic dungeon trap-techno music thanks to their eccentric frontman, who has been described as a combination of Freddie Mercury and John Wayne.

2.) Attack of the 6-Foot-Pelvis: Often praised as the pioneers of the original post-anamanaguchi subgenre, 6-Foot-Pelvis combines sriracha-dipped vocals with the audacity of a lion in heat.

3.) The Spamburglers: All the way from Boston, Massachusetts, this canned meat inspired vaporpunk duo brings an eccentric mix of on-stage energy paired with harmonizing didgeridoo solos.

4.) Frozen Meat Society: A side project of house producer DJ Big Daddy, FMS brings a breath of fresh air into the experimental pyschwave metal scene using heavy, slow, guitar riffs that blend perfectly with samples of softcore porn.

5.) The Doors: Exploring a new frontier of progressive blues postjazz, The Doors are guaranteed to trigger the horrific acid flashback centered around small children you’ve been desperately trying to repress for the past year.

6.) My Molding Lunch: Bringing a new take on the traditional hobbitcore genre, My Molding Lunch can only be described as the musical equivalent of the 90’s animated sitcom CatDog, due to their virtuosic use of white noise, lengthy drum solos, and sampling of J.R.R. Tolkien audiobooks.