1.    Emunerous

Adjective: The quality of bullshitting but confidently and charismatically.

Ex: “Josh’s synopsis of the required reading he obviously didn’t do was endearingly emunerous.”


  1.    Fluringinal

Adjective: Something satisfying but utterly disgusting.

Ex: “Dude I cleaned my ear with my car key and now my car won’t start but MAN was it fluringinal.”


  1.    Spudge

Noun: The black/brown crusty goop that your dog or cat gets in its tear duct.

Ex: “Winston! You got spudge on me! Ewww…but I love you but ewww. It’s okay, I’ll just wipe it off with this old blanket.”


  1.    Oswinginous

Adjective: Whimsical in a nauseating way.

Ex: “Hey a lone clown is eating a can of cat food on that abandoned ferris wheel…oswinginous. Let’s get out of here.”


  1.    Mushroom

Noun: A room full of mush.

Ex: “Will you go into the mushroom and get me some mush, please?