348sBOONE, NC – Onlookers were stunned at the Boone Bojangles Thursday when drive-thru patron Stephen Hatler’s $280 order was rendered pointless and inedible after the store ran out of honey mustard.

“I mean, without the honey mustard, what’s the point?” said Hatler after cancelling his order, which consisted of multiple 12-piece tailgate specials, approximately 60 chicken supremes, and every biscuit remaining in the store. “It was pretty much the only thing holding this deal together.”

According to Bojangles manager Donald Keller, incidents like this are rare. However, he said, they are bound to happen when the success of large orders is based completely on the availability of a particular dipping sauce, no matter how delicious.

“For some people, it’s really the only way this shit is even remotely edible.” Keller said. “Since the honey mustard is basically free, you might think that the nearly $300 worth of food surrounding it is the point of the order, but all of that is basically just there as a transfer method. When the honey mustard is taken out of the equation, the food is basically useless.”

Hatler told reporters at the scene that he drove nearly three hours from Raleigh in order to come to the Boone Bojangles on Blowing Rock road, having heard that the grill guy made particularly good chicken. However, all forward momentum was abruptly halted by the tragic dearth of the creamy mustard-honey blend, leading Hatler to question why he ever bothered even coming all the way out here in the first place.

“It’s really a huge bummer. Like, what do they expect me to eat? Bo-sauce? Shit is nasty dude.”

Hatler was last seen in the middle of the five minute drive across Boone to the other Bojangles, which at press time was also out of honey mustard.